Our subscription boxes have focused on highlighting businesses which are owned and operated by adults with special needs or help support others.

In January, we featured Bombas socks (www.bombas.com) Bombas socks states, "Our company is built from the ground up around the idea of sock donations. The more socks we sell, the more we donate."

In February, we featured Liam's Lotions and Potions (find him on Etsty at LiamsLotionsPotions). Liam is a young adult with special needs who has been running his business since 2014. He makes hand and lip balms from all natural ingredients.

‚ÄčIn March, we featured Helper Girl (oneplaceforspecialneeds.com). For our subscribers, Helper Girl, repurposed buttons into magnets. If you would like a full list of projects, please go to the website and click on the 'click here' button .

In April, we featured I Have a Bean (www.ihaveabean.com)  and the Monroe Makers. I Have a Bean was created for the purpose to positively impact the lives of post-prison men and women, their families, and the communities in which we live. 

The Monroe Makers are middle school students with special needs who make lotions, cards, coasters and sell plants they have grown. For more information on available products, please contact Kristy Sierakowski at Kristine.Sierawoski@cusd200.org.

For May's box, we featured Plantables.net. Plantable motto is "Sowing a Few Seeds, Making a Big Difference." Plantable is committed to reforming post-graduation opportunities for individuals with severe and moderate physical and/or cognitive disabilities, by providing supported competitive jobs in a supportive community environment. 

The Monroe Makers were also back in the box with cards they created.