Address of recipient

If you are gifting SDI, please let us know how you would like the gift certificate to read. If SDI is for your family, no message is needed.

Please send your payment to :   CUSD200     

                                                  c/o SPECIAL DELIVERY, IL

​                                                 100 Bridge Street

​                                                  Wheaton, IL 60187

Recipient's (or valid) Email

If you are subscribing for your family, please click on the Family Information Page and follow the link to complete the Family Form.

If you are gifting SDI, when we send the gift certificate we will send the recipient the necessary information so they can complete the Family Form.

Name, address and email for the payee.

Make checks payable to: CUSD200


 4 or 10 month subscription?

Make Checks or Money orders payable to: CUSD200

You will need to complete a form for each subscription.

Recipient's Name

Recipient and Billing Information